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Patient Testimonial: Dustin Saunders

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Story of HEI acoustic neuroma patient Dustin Saunders. Dustin, a forty-year old patient, had been suffering from ear aches, tinnitus, and deafness for approximately ten years and was initially told he had otosclerosis. He had no further evaluation until 2016 when an MRI showed the presence of a vestibular schwannoma.

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Patient Testimonial: Bobby Gulrajani

By Patient Video

My name is Bobby Gulrajani and I’m a 36-yr old audio engineer/video editor from Los Angeles. I’d like to use this opportunity to sincerely thank Dr. Derald Brackmann, Dr. Gregory Lekovic and the entire House Clinic staff for giving me back my life. In November 2018, after a night out, I removed my ear plugs and noticed significant hearing loss along with tinnitus.

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Fighting NF2 | The Salazar Family Success Story

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This is one of our most unique and memorable stories captured on video—Fighting NF2: The Salazar Family Success Story. NF2 is a rare genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow along the nerves which can lead to various hearing, balance, and other physical issues. In partnership with the Change Reaction, the House Institute was able to bring patients Emit and Eleah Salazar from Texas to House Institute in LA for treatment. Join us in watching them overcome their struggle with NF2 and in providing hope for all those burdened by the disease.

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Auditory Brainstem Implantation

By Surgical Videos

The auditory brainstem implant restores hearing by stimulating the brainstem directly (ie bypassing the ear, cochlea, and cochlear nerve. It is for patients who have no other hearing rehabilitation options- most commonly after removal of a tumor of the 8th cranial nerve in patients with neurofibromatosis type 2, as shown in this video.

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