October 1, 2018 

My name is Nida and I am 59 years of age.  

In 2007, I was complaining of headaches and migraines for almost seven years until one day, I asked my primary doctor to order an MRI of my head with and without contrast. I was shocked to be diagnosed as having a meningioma tumor. My internist doctor referred me to a neurologist in Facey Medical Group who told me these tumors are benign and slow growing so we decided to monitor for growth. 

In June 2014, suddenly the ringing in my left ear kept getting louder and louder such that I could no longer sleep. In addition, I was having pain in my left shoulder and I noticed my balance was unsteady as well. Also, the left side of my face was feeling numb and my left eye was twitching. I was diagnosed as having vertigo and prescribed physical therapy until it got worst to the point that I could no longer work. 

Eventually in 2016, I was referred to Dr. Lekovic at the House Clinic, and at the time of making the appointment, I was advised to take my MRI CD along with me.  After Dr. Lekovic carefully reviewed my MRI, he recommended the retrosigmoid approach to removing the meningioma. Meanwhile, while reviewing my MRI, Dr. Lekovic also noted that I had a small pituitary tumor which at the time we decided to monitor for growth. 

Surgery to remove the meningioma was successful.  I spent one night in the dedicated House Clinic ICU at St. Vincent Medical Center and the next day I was able to walk to the bathroom and  was transferred to the telemetry unit. On the second day, I began physical therapy. My total hospital stay was five days. My experience at the House Clinic and the St Vincent Hospital was the best. I received excellent service from the staff, surgery counselors, nurses, case managers, physical therapists and all of the medical staff team. 

In 2018, two years after my meningioma surgery, my primary doctor ordered a follow up MRI and it was determined that the pitiutary tumor we had been monitoring had grown in size to approximately 8 mm. 

Again, I consulted with Dr. Lekovic to have it removed and the surgery was scheduled for August, 2018 with Dr. Wilkinson and Dr. Lekovic.  As with my previous experience with my House Clinic doctors, the tumor was successfully removed.   

I believe I have a new life!  I’m glad and thank God that I went to Dr. Lekovic at the House Clinic who along with Drs. Miller and Wilkinson cured me of these tumors.  I feel I was in very good hands. 




― Nida, Meningioma and Pituitary Adenoma, Hawaii