Patient point of view:

I am a 46 year old patient from Saudi Arabia, who traveled to Los Angeles in November 2018 to be treated by Dr. Gregory Lekovic and Dr. Mia Miller for repair of a right middle ear encephalocele and cerebrospinal fluid leak. 

I would definitely recommend the House Clinic and specifically Dr. Lekovic and Dr. Miller to anyone.  I have seen nothing but complete professionalism, kindness and compassion from them and all their staff.

For the past two years, I had been having trouble with a feeling of fullness, pressure and diminished hearing in my right ear.  Over time I developed severe headaches that were positional, caused by coughing (tussive) and exertion, my headaches got progressively worse.  The pain kept getting worse to the point where anything I did caused me pain.  This past September, an episode of coughing led to my fainting and scans taken at this time suggested fluid in my right middle ear.  My ENT (Head and Neck surgeon) doctor in Jeddah informed me that I should be seeking a neurosurgeon who is experienced in my rare medical case.  My wife and I did a search and found Dr. Lekovic.  I immediately began my communication with Dr. Lekovic and had my files sent electronically for his review and recommendation.  Upon his review, he recommended surgery and due to the level of my suffering Dr. Lekovic and the House Clinic staff expedited all the preparations for my surgery and surgery was scheduled within 10 days after diagnosis.

The day before surgery, on November 12th, 2018, I arrived in Los Angeles with my wife and sister and finally met my neurosurgeon, Dr. Lekovic.  He took his time to very patiently and clearly explain the procedure being performed and what to expect afterwards.  The operation would be done as a team with a House Clinic neurotologist, Dr. Mia Miller.  Due to scheduling difficulties, Dr. Mia Miller and I were to meet the next morning prior to surgery.  After my meeting with Dr. Lekovic I knew I had made the right choice to travel this far for treatment and my mind and that of my family was at ease.

The next day, my surgery was successfully completed and I spent a night in the St. Vincent Medical Center, the Doheny ICU.  The next day I was transferred to a regular private room, and the following day I was discharged.  During my three-day hospital stay I received outstanding care from all, including:  the nurses, fellows, assistants, Dr. Stefan, and of course my House Clinic doctors:  Drs. Lekovic and Miller.  On Thanksgiving day, I had an infection in my ear, the doctors opened up the clinic specifically to check up on the infection  (which turned out to be a simple one).  After discharge, I met with my doctors twice more to remove sutures and to discuss further concerns.  Both times they spent time addressing my concerns and welcoming further communication.  Another matter that I was really impressed about was the fact that the doctors and the clinic did not charge me any extras over the agreed price of the package (being a cash patient).

I am now back in Jeddah and continue my communication with Dr. Lekovic via email, and have recently sent some checkup tests to him for his review.  I cannot express my gratitude for the care, expertise, compassion and attention I have received and would whole-heartedly recommend the House Clinic and Drs. Gregory Lekovic and Mia Miller.

Wife point of view:

I am so thankful and grateful for the doctors and staff at both the House Clinic and St. Vincent Hospital.

Since the moment we first set foot at the House Clinic (the day before surgery) they have been very thorough in explaining the procedure and what to expect.

Within a very short amount of time, they handled all the pre-operation tests and appointments.

Also during the surgery I was given several updates by phone to ease my worry while my husband was in the operating room. I was able to see him after surgery in the ICU and check up on him and also meet the doctors and get feedback.

I am also so thankful that St. Vincent has a boarding house (walking distance) which allowed me the convenience of being close to the hospital.

A week after surgery, on Thanksgiving day, my husband ran a fever and I was able to contact the doctors through their call center and we were seen by one of the assistant doctors who did a complete check up on my husband.

I would definitely recommend the House Clinic and specifically Dr. Lekovic and Dr. Miller to anyone.  I have seen nothing but complete professionalism, kindness and compassion from them and all their staff.

Thank you,

Ahmed F. Al-Ghalib & Wife

― Ahmed F. Al Ghalib, Encephalocele and CSF leak, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia